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AACROSS gives you a unique, meaningful and comparable index to measure the sales performance across your retail network


A specific decision-aid model based on 5 efficient levers to act on:

AACROSS is a so-called multicriteria decision-aid model built by ourselves based on findings of a doctorate thesis.
This model makes it possible to assess the level of performance of your sales network through the evaluation of the performance of each of your Point Of Sale (POS). Beside assessing the current situation,
it also helps you to isolate the criteria / dimensions on which actions / levers have to be taken in order to increase your sales network performance.

Therefore all the model's criteria are logically grouped into 5 groups / clusters:

Attractivity,    Acquisition,    Conversion,    Relationship with clients,    Optimisation of SaleS.

By the way that's where the name AACROSS comes from.

How to increase your sales network with this Decision-Enabler?

First of all, get your AACROSS licence for a specific evaluation period for time (e.g. quarter) and once done:


  • MEASURE the performance of all your POS's by filling in the AACROSS online input form for each of them,
  • IMPLEMENT adequate levers / actions where needed based on the results reported in the AACROSS tool,
  • then OPTIMIZE your sales network performance for a sustainable performance increase by using AACROSS over-time.

To get more information on the structure of the AACROSS tool to better understand how all this functions, visit this page AACROSS functioning.

What are the benefits from using AACROSS?

Here are some of the main benefits you'll get by using the AACROSS tool:
- the performance of all your POS's made comparable with one another through a unique performance index with strong foundations (expertise and doctorate thesis)
- tool distributed as a Software-As-A-Service tool: no installation needed, online data input and reporting
- a performance index complementary to your P&L or Turnover reporting and also a source of explanation of the latter one
- follow-up and continuous improvement of your sales network performance over-time
- focus on the most adequate decision levers with the biggest impacts on the performance